Carbon Heart Choker

Carbon, forged in the centres of stars and the basis of all life, can in its many forms represent purity, darkness, glamour and strength. The Carbon Heart Choker is an elegant tribute to the elemental beauty and conflict of nature. The nine panels are laser-cut from an upcycled offcut of ABS plastic, and have a textured surface on the back which cannot be seen when the choker is worn. The panels are sealed with a hard-wearing gloss varnish, and the choker is assembled with high-quality nickel-free findings in an elegant gunmetal-black. The choker is finished with an extension chain allowing you to adjust the size, and an exclusive laser-cut glossy black acrylic Krystalline Black K+ tag.

Dimensions: min length 32cm; max length 38.5cm; width 2cm.

All items are tissue-wrapped and packaged in pillow boxes hand-made from fully recyclable board and printed with a Krystalline Black design.

Image credit: adapted from an image made available by Vintage Collective (Flickr username) under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

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