A new horizon

I first started hanging out in Camden when I was about sixteen. My mates and I would spend the day browsing the markets, buying band posters and t-shirts from dimly-lit basement shops blasting metal music out into the street, rifling through albums by obscure bands in the record shops, mucking around with poi and Diabolo at Oddballs and eating steak sandwiches by the lock. I used to admire all the amazing crazy and outlandish outfits that were either on sale or being worn by the people there. Things have changed over the years – the area has become more commercialised and more touristy, and some would say it’s lost its character, but perhaps that’s inevitable wherever an area has an artsy or alternative feel. For me, despite all the changes Camden still holds an appeal as an area of unique and individual art, fashion and entertainment that manages to shun the mainstream. One thing I never imagined all those years ago though, was that one day I’d be a part of it, having my very own creations as a designer being sold in the heart of Camden – well that day came last Friday, 29th March 2014. I am ridiculously excited to announce that you can now buy a range of Krystalline Black jewellery and accessories at Steampunk Bazaar in the Stables Market, Camden! It’s on the corner of an alleyway just before the Horse Tunnel, opposite Tribu (near Black Rose, and where the old Cyberdog shop was). Please drop by and have a look if you’re in Camden, and check out the rest of their range too as it’s a lovely little shop with a great collection of steampunk and alternative stuff.  Please spread the word!!