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I’ve dabbled with photography and digital image manipulation for some time – indeed I use a lot of my own photographs in my jewellery designs (see this blog post). However I’ve never really shared my photos with the public – they’ve always been just a personal hobby. So I thought I’d try something new and offer a few photographic prints in the Krystalline Black Etsy shop. They’re printed on Fuji Crystal archive paper and hand-trimed, with a thin black border.

yokohama-lanterns-1-smallChinatown in Yokohama, Japan, where I spent a very dark and rainy December day back in 2006. In such dim conditions I never thought I’d be able to capture much more than a grainy blur, but the vivid light from the shop windows, neon signs and of course the bright orange lanterns strung overhead resulted in a set of surprisingly bright images, with the glowering sky giving them what I thought was a slightly futuristic, dystopian feel.

lab-1-smallThis moment was captured in a dark photonics laboratory, when just the fume cupboard light had been left on. The darkness and silence of a usually busy and bustling laboratory was strangely atmospheric and a little unsettling.

shadows-1A night shot, this time of a tree casting an interesting and abstract shadow on to the pavement, juxtaposed with some figures walking into the shot, blurred due to the long exposure.

IMG_3175A dark and ominous-looking stairway deep in the heart of the old city of Tallinn in Estonia. It was late on a cold night in February when I looked back up those steps… I can’t say where that doorway led to, but it looks like it could equally be a stairway to Heaven or an entrance to Hell.

rainy-windown-1Finally, an abstract shot taken on a cold and rainy London night. I looked out of the window and the street light on the corner of the estate at the back of my house was shining through the steam from the flues of the condensing boilers and being scattered by raindrops on the glass.




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